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Dear Parents,

In a rapidly changing cosmos of K-12 education, one is often asked the question, “What makes a good school?” Is it the teachers, the students, the facilities, the curriculum or is it the parents? The obvious answer is, a combination of all these and yet this answer is different for every school.

A flagship school of the prestigious Delhi World Foundation, Delhi World Public School, Zirakpur, believes in celebrating the ‘wonder of childhood.’ As I see it, “Success comes to those who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.” As all educators realize, this is a time of great change. That children have different learning abilities, that they respond eagerly to learning-by-doing, that the teacher plays the role of a facilitator, that audio-visual learning is the need of the hour, are all facts which educators today must recognize, appreciate and applaud, thereby fostering the fine blend of sensibilities in a child.

Children must be taught how to think and not what to think. All students must be prepared to be successful in the 21st century careers, many of which do not even exist! So how do we prepare our children? There is no longer a single road to that end but whatever we teach our children, it must be steeped with effort, dedication, relevance and relationships. It is our responsibility to guide our students to think, reflect, innovate and collaborate. To help them realize that traditional Indian and modern western educational values are respected and encouraged to co-exist. To teach them what books may not teach – to be tolerant, virtuous and honorable human-beings.

We are confident that this special space will overflow with the chatter of eager minds, the cries of joy in the playground, the tap of dancing feet and the melodious voices in harmony of song. If innovation and novel ideas are a key to a bright future, then Delhi World Public School surely remains assured under the pedagogic sun.

Warm wishes,

Jyoti Nagranee