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Annual Sports Day at Delhi World

Delhi WorldPublic School, Zirakpur, organized their 3rdAnnual Sports Day for The Roseland and Grades I to III, with great fan-fare and gusto. The parents of all the students were invited to witness the athletic skills of their little ones. The day was full of fun, cheers and an enthralling exhibition of sportsmanship qualities by the buddingsportstars.

The event was inaugurated by the Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Nagranee andMs Riya Garg, the DirectorDelhi World followed by a melodious rendition of the School Anthem by the choir. Thereafter, the Sports Meet was declared open by the Principal. The sports oath was administered by Mrs. Maninder Pama, the Primary Head.

The Principal, Mrs. Jyoti Nagranee released bright and colourful balloons and declared the Sports Meet open.

A spectacular sight it was to see the youngest students of the School demonstrateamazing agility, coordination and keenness. The tracks seemed to have come alive as little steps raced ahead, taking big leaps and creating records in various fun races. They ran, jumped, hopped, threw, balanced and crawled.It was intriguing to see our budding athletes full of such verve and vigour.Even the parents exhibited a lot of zeal as they participated in races like Cone Race, Balancing the Matkas and ‘Tread Softly’ for the couples and got the spectators cheering. While drills like ‘Gummy Bears’and ‘Happy Feet (a chicken dance) had students gyrating to rhythmic beats, displaying their coordination skills, drills like ‘Gone with the Wind’ and Hoola Hoops were a sight to behold. The Parachute Drill had everyone enraptured as the children swirled with the vibrant colours of the parachutes. The show stopper was a mesmerizing ‘Beats and Jingles’, the Lazium and Dumbbell Drill.

Medals were given away to the winners by the Principal, the Primary Head and the Director, Miss Riya Garg. They congratulated everyone present for their efforts. The enchanting afternoon concluded with a High Tea for all the guests.